Physics labs and activities with tie-ins to forensic science.

Projectile Motion

Impulse and Momentum

Student Reflections

  • I was able to use real-life situations with a visual to better understand projectile motion.
  • I enjoyed this activity because it was interesting that you can solve the cases using physics formulas.
  • It was cool.
  • This activity would be ideal for AP Physics B.
  • I like the diagrams and real-life application of physics.
  • This helped me with projectile motion and using logic to problem solve.
  • It increased my knowledge by making me practice projectile problems.
  • This lab made us think outside the box and really pay attention.
  • It made me read and pay attention to details.
  • This activity refined my use of knowns and unknowns to create an accurate picture of what happened.
  • It was cool to apply physics to real-life CSI issues.
  • It helped us learn to work backwards in order to get the answers.
  • With this lab I understand that it is essential to break problems into horizontal and vertical components.
  • It was challenging but interesting.
  • Mad fun.
  • Even though it made my brain hurt and was extremely challenging I think it was helpful.