Forensics: Hotel Jumper

Hotel Picture


Alonzo Green, a 45-year-old attendee at the 23rd annual Skydivers Convention, was found dead on the sidewalk of the Odyssey Hotel by a hotel bellhop at 4:57 Tuesday morning. Based on the damaged concrete surrounding Green's remains, coupled with the open window from his room 14 stories above, it is obvious Green fell from his room to the concrete below.

Less obvious, however, is the cause of Green's death. Inspectors first on the scene, after talking to Green's wife, assumed Alonzo, an expert skydiver, jumped from his room in an attempt to perform a daredevil dive into the swimming pool 22m away from the hotel front entrance and came up 2.3 meters short. The medical examiner's report showed some discrepancies, however. Given the massive damage to Green's body, no conclusive determinations could be made. Interviews with hotel patrons and staff indicate the Greens had been arguing late into the evening of Alonzo's death.

To further cloud the story, the Green's took out a $2 million life insurance policy just three months ago. Mrs. Green stands to walk away with a lot of money if her husband's death is ruled accidental.

Potential Scenarios

  1. Alonzo Green was murdered when his wife pushed him out his bedroom window.
  2. Alonzo Green died accidentally attempting a stunt jump from his 14th story window.

Background Information

FBI Crime and Physiology Expert Dr. Sandra W. Corning provides you a report showing typical velocities for various activities. You can reference this information in your final report.

FBI Typical Human Movement Velocities
Age Range Gender Walk (m/s) Sprint (m/s)
18-25 Female 1.3 6.9
26-33 Female 1.2 6.7
34-42 Female 1.2 6.4
43-50 Female 1.2 5.8
51-62 Female 1.1 5.3
18-25 Male 1.4 8.1
26-33 Male 1.4 7.8
34-42 Male 1.3 7.5
43-50 Male 1.3 6.9
51-62 Male 1.3 6.1


Your Assignment

Based on the mock-up created by the crime lab technicians, you must determine which scenario occurred, and provide a detailed justification in your report for the police, the insurance company, and the district attorney.

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