Electric Circuits

Electricity and magnetism play a profound role in almost all aspects of life. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep (and even while you’re sleeping), applications of electricity and magnetism provide tools, light, warmth, transportation, communication, and even entertainment. Despite its widespread use, however, there is much about these phenomena that is not well understood.


  1. Define and calculate electric current.
  2. Explain the factors and calculate the resistance of a conductor.
  3. Define and calculate resistance using Ohm’s law.
  4. Identify the path and direction of current flow in a circuit.
  5. Draw and interpret schematic diagrams of circuits.
  6. Calculate power and energy used in electric circuits.
  7. Effectively use and analyze voltmeters and ammeters.
  8. Solve series and parallel circuit problems using VIRP tables.
  9. Calculate equivalent resistances for resistors in both series and parallel configurations.

Topics of Study

  1. Electric Current
  2. Resistance
  3. Ohm's Law
  4. Circuits
  5. Meters
  6. Circuit Analysis


Video Tutorials

  1. Electrical Current
    1. FedFlix: Electricity - Current
    2. FedFlix: Electricity - Voltage
  2. Resistance and Resistors
  3. Ohm's Law
  4. Circuits
  5. Power & Energy
  6. Voltmeters and Ammeters
  7. Series Circuits
  8. Parallel Circuits
    1. FedFlix: Parallel Resistive Circuits
  9. Combination Circuits
    1. FedFlix: Review of Series and Parallel Circuits